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SPAC Fundraising & IR Advisor


"We have hugely appreciated working with Inbound Capital, who has played a key role from the start of this process as fund raiser for the Sponsor group to actively promoting EDTX to investors since IPO and to bringing quality institutions into the final transaction. We hope to do more together in the very near future!"


Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet, CEO & Co-Founder EdtechX, Partner IBIS Capital



"Inbound goes beyond fund raising stricto sensu to assume a trusted advisory role and deliver on a real investor strategy, from a suite of marketing materials to ultra pertinent introductions. With their investor materials, Inbound achieved to render accessible what is by essence a complex sector and to produce a compelling equity story for Arteïa ."


Philippe Gellman

Co-Founder & CEO

Outsourced Investor Relations

"We were impressed by how Inbound Capital re-invigorated our Equity Story and then properly promoted us to the investor community which led to spectacular results for our share price and participation from new strategic institutional shareholders."


Gautier Normand

IR Support


"We greatly appreciate the collaboration with Inbound. Their profound feedback is always of great value, while their flexibility and reactivity to last-minute requests are outstanding."


Rudi De Winter


Outsourced Investor Relations


"Inbound has a unique capacity to amplify a small cap name and to accelerate its strategic access to international investors, in the UK, the US and Asia - in a way no broker actually can. At Claranova, we tend to move by quantum leaps to deliver on our ambitious growth objectives, so it’s critical to find trusted advisors who can do that the same on the investor side: from that point of view alone, Inbound has earned us two years at least. It’s a great partnership."


Sebastien Martin

Equity Story & Introductions

"Inbound is filling a gap that big brokers are not able to assume any more for smaller companies looking to go public. Thanks to its efficient contribution to streamline our equity story and highlight its key investment drivers, and to the strength of its investor network and contacts - all intuitu personae - Inbound has helped us make our IPO possible."

Julien Moulin


Advisor for private funding round 

"Inbound Capital’s novel form of capital markets advisory and corporate communication helped us convey our disruptive equity story in a very effective manner. They have unparalleled access to investors and sector specialists."

Rob Hodgkinson


Equity Story & Introductions

"Inbound Capital has done a fantastic job for B&C Speakers, firstly in terms of the investor selection process and secondly through the organisation of very high quality investor meetings in the US. They have also provided outstanding advice on the optimal ways of showcasing both our company and our equity story to relevant investors. The overall quality of the people at Inbound from both a personal and professional perspective has proved to be of the very highest calibre using any metric that one might apply."

Simone Pratesi


"Inbound Capital made a great contribution helping us raise money from quality and relevant high net worth individuals within the framework of an industry savvy, “sophisticated friends” round. Inbound Capital were most helpful in presenting a clear message to investors for what is a leading equity story in the digital transformation of energy space."

Thierry Chambon

Equity Advisory

"Within a short time-frame, Inbound leveraged its network to ensure the success of the launch event for W Series, attracting top investor names and sponsors as well as influential people within the media and entertainment industry."

James Ritchie

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"Inbound Capital has proven itself as a very helpful advisor for Egide, one that could really be trusted."

James A. Collins
Chairman & CEO

Equity Story & Introductions

"Inbound has provided us with a series of high quality investor meetings in London and outstanding advice on the way to market our equity story to relevant investors."

Vincent Favier

"Inbound Capital provided us with insightful advice in preparation of and during our pre-Series A fundraising, asking us the right questions and helping us to refine and adequately position our equity story and investment proposal. We also appreciated being introduced to a relevant audience of investors within Inbound Capital's network, some of these conversations really made a difference."

Erik De Kroon

Equity Story & Introductions
“In addition to getting the Touax name better known to leading UK-based investors, Inbound Capital has provided crucial input in our equity story in a very efficient way for our latest capital increase, helping to make it a success."

Fabrice Walewski

General Partner & CEO


""Inbound Capital has showed a unique capacity to promote Courbet to a completetly different investor audience at thematic investor events such as Citi’s Global Consumer Conference in London. This lobbying power is very valuable for a start-up looking to raise investor awareness.”


Marie-Ann Wachtmeister



"We were impressed by Inbound's professionalism and financial expertise. The financial model they developed for us was instrumental in achieving our target valuation. Inbound also branded us to a completely new investor audience by getting us invited to high profile events."


Naima Cardi & Deborah Bertrand


"We have been impressed by the unfailing duty of care Inbound have showed to us: they really go beyond the call of duty for their clients. This has been reassuring from our perspective because we felt we had a sincere partner to work with. On the product side, their investment materials have been the result of a proper process and something we could firmly rely upon for our fund-raising and strategic discussions."


Flavia Stuttgen & Victoria Clews


Strategy Advisor
"Inbound Capital was instrumental in helping us forensically analyse our business as wells as identify strategic KPIs to help us monitor and grow client volumes and business profitability"

Grégory Veret

CEO and founder


“Inbound Capital helped us refine our forecast model and developed a high quality independent valuation of our business that was both robust and credible -  crucial for raising finance but helpful for us strategically because it tested our own operating and strategic assumptions "

Neil Archer


Financial PR 
"For anyone keen to know the UK fund management landscape, like ourselves, Inbound Capital makes a lot of sense."

Anne Sophie d'Andlau
Managing Partner & Co-Founder of CIAM

Exclusive advisor for private funding round 
"The CEO of a startup knows its business, but explaining it can be very challenging.
Inbound Capital developed a compelling Equity Story for THS, and kept improving it thanks to the feedback of numerous high profile introductions. It has been an important milestone for our business and to help us closing our first round of fund raising."

Sebastien Goldenberg 
The House Shop CEO

Financial PR

"Since being introduced to Inbound Capital, we have been very impressed by their commitment to fully understand our product, Apollo, and our process. They were always available to listen to our ideas and provide positive feedback regarding our marketing, our positioning and our Brand. As a consequence we feel very good about our business proposition and more confident approaching new business opportunities."

 Robert McCreery 
Founding Partner

Co-advisor for private funding round 


"Inbound Capital was as a game changer for our fundraising. Their generalist approach for our equity story greatly extended our investor reach, and their company valuation expertise enhanced our value and impressed investors"


Jeffrey Messud

Outsourced Investor Relations

"In very little time, Inbound raised awareness and recognition for our equity story through exposure to their second-to-none network of institutional investors and media specialists. Inbound's ability to understand not only new business models but also company strength and produce innovative, insightful and practical marketing material is more than ever appreciated"

Paul Amsellem


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